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Hannah Carter

Hannah Carter

Graduate Student - Karchin Lab

220 Hackerman Hall
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Fax: (410) 516-5294
E-mail: hcarte10 | at |


Carter H. and R. Karchin (2014). "Predicting the functional consequences of somatic missense mutations found in tumors." Methods Mol Biol, 1101: 135-59.

Douville C., H. Carter, R. Kim, N. Niknafs, M. Diekhans, P. D. Stenson, D. N. Cooper, M. Ryan and R. Karchin (2013). "CRAVAT: cancer-related analysis of variants toolkit." Bioinformatics, 29(5): 647-8.

Chen Y. C., H. Carter, J. Parla, M. Kramer, F. S. Goes, M. Pirooznia, P. P. Zandi, W. R. McCombie, J. B. Potash and R. Karchin (2013). "A hybrid likelihood model for sequence-based disease association studies." PLoS Genet, 9(1): e1003224.

Gonzalez-Perez A., V. Mustonen, B. Reva, G. R. Ritchie, P. Creixell, R. Karchin, M. Vazquez, J. L. Fink, K. S. Kassahn, J. V. Pearson, G. D. Bader, P. C. Boutros, L. Muthuswamy, B. F. Ouellette, J. Reimand, R. Linding, T. Shibata, A. Valencia, A. Butler, S. Dronov, P. Flicek, N. B. Shannon, H. Carter, L. Ding, C. Sander, J. M. Stuart, L. D. Stein and N. Lopez-Bigas (2013). "Computational approaches to identify functional genetic variants in cancer genomes." Nat Methods, 10(8): 723-9.

Carter H., C. Douville, P. D. Stenson, D. N. Cooper and R. Karchin (2013). "Identifying Mendelian disease genes with the Variant Effect Scoring Tool." BMC Genomics, 14 Suppl 3: S3.

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