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An-Chi Wei

An-Chi Wei

Graduate Student - Winslow Lab

317b Hackerman Hall
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: (410) 516-5466
Fax: (410) 516-5294
E-mail: awei2 | at |


Wei A. C., T. Liu, R. L. Winslow and B. O'Rourke (2012). "Dynamics of matrix-free Ca2+ in cardiac mitochondria: two components of Ca2+ uptake and role of phosphate buffering." J Gen Physiol, 139(6): 465-78.

Wei A. C., T. Liu, S. Cortassa, R. L. Winslow and B. O'Rourke (2011). "Mitochondrial Ca(2+) influx and efflux rates in guinea pig cardiac mitochondria:Low and high affinity effects of cyclosporine A." Biochim Biophys Acta, 1813(7): 1373-81.

Wei A. C., M. A. Aon, B. O'Rourke, R. L. Winslow and S. Cortassa (2011). "Mitochondrial Energetics, pH Regulation, and Ion Dynamics: A Computational-Experimental Approach." Biophys J, 100(12): 2894-903.

Zhou L., S. Cortassa, A-C. Wei, M. A. Aon, R. L. Winslow and B. O'Rourke (2009). "Modeling Cardiac Action Potential Shortening Driven by Oxidative Stress-Induced Mitochondrial Oscillations in Guinea Pig Cardiomyocytes." Biophys J., 97(7): 1843-52.