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Mark Shelhamer

Dr. Mark Shelhamer

Associate Professor, Otolaryngology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

600 N. Wolfe St.
210 Pathology Bldg.
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: (410) 614-6302
Fax: (410) 614-1746


Research Interest Statement

Vestibular and oculomotor systems
Adaptation and learning
Nonlinear dynamics
Signal processing

Current Projects



M Shelhamer (2005) Sequences of predictive saccades are correlated over a span of ~2 s and produce a fractal time series. J Neurophysiol 93:2002-2011.

M Shelhamer (2005) Phase transition between reactive and predictive eye movements is confirmed with nonlinear forecasting and surrogates. Neurocomp 65-66:769-776.

M Shelhamer (2005) Sequences of predictive eye movements form a fractional Brownian series - implications for self-organized criticality in the oculomotor system. Biol Cybern 93:43-53.

WM Joiner, M Shelhamer (submitted) Pursuit and saccadic tracking exhibit a similar dependence on movement preparation time. Exp Brain Res .

F Karmali, S Ramat , M Shelhamer (submitted) Vertical skew due to changes in gravitoinertial force: a possible consequence of otolith asymmetry. J Vestibular Res .